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About Troy

I realized that I had a gift for setting a nonjudgmental atmosphere where women and men could talk openly about sex, love and relationships.


Everybody has a story. Actually, everybody has dozens of stories to tell. Here's one of mine. The year was 2004 and I was at a book signing for one of my client's (author Yonder) when a woman who had just purchased a book asked me a very personal question about her marriage. She asked if the fact that her husband refused her spontaneous sexual advances, when he walked in the door from work, meant that he was cheating on her. Well being that I'm a comedian by nature, and profession at times, and that I have no filter when talking honestly about relationships... I told her:
1. I didn't know any men who pass on sexual favors and 2. Did she always try to jump his bones at the front door after work?

After we laughed a bit I said to her "Maybe he had something on his mind?." She looked confused at the fact that he could be thinking about anything other than sex at that time. I continued and said, "You know when a man leaves work...he's still at work in his mind, right?"
My comment started a 90 minute conversation about adult relationships, love and sex, in the middle of a mall, on a Saturday afternoon, that went from 2 3 to 6...
Other women bought books and fell right into the conversation. The only part that shocked and confused me was that, prior to this, I thought women talked to their besties and bffs about these topics. But I was quickly informed that some women don't trust their friends with their relationship questions especially concerning intimacy and sex. 

I guess because we were two men peddling Erotic Fiction books in the middle of a busy mall, this seemed like the perfect time to ask her very personal relationship question.


That day, I stepped back and looked at what was happening. I saw everyone excited about talking openly and honestly totally oblivious to where they were or who would overhear their explicit conversations. So I asked my partner about the idea of changing the not-so-normal book signing into a more private open-talk forum with food, drink and his book include in the price. He said "Sure!" and the next week we started doing our Taboo Talk events. We started in the back of a book store with 12 people and in a short time we were in a ballroom in front of 1200 people.

I realized that I had a gift for setting a nonjudgmental atmosphere where women and men could talk openly about sex, love and relationships. With my improvisational comedy skills, years of studying people, and loving to talk about relationships. . . I had found my niche!

My mission: To help men and women communicate better in love

After almost two decades of touring around the country and talking to thousands people of every age, race, religion, culture and lifestyle, I've come to realize we're pretty much the same when it comes to our relationships. Women and men actually think about the same things we just process and communicate them differently.

I am truly blessed to have the opportunity to talk to so many beautiful souls who just want to be heard and loved. It is my privilege to be an instrument of love and understanding. And to let you know that you're not alone. We all get crazy about love. 




Host, Comedian, Actor, Speaker and Author Troy Rawlings is much more than
a “Triple Threat”. Troy’s comedy and hosting style brings his amazing writing,
improvisational, and production skills to the masses every time he steps on a stage, or in a
TV or Radio studio!

A self-proclaimed “Entertainment Brat” Troy Rawlings is walking in his purpose.
“I love people and I love seeing people enjoy themselves!” This is Troy’s motivation.
Born Troy Lance Rawlings in Baltimore, Maryland, Troy was a comedian from the crib.
By the age of three, Troy was impersonating his favorite singers and comedians; like
Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, and Al Green to comedians and actors like Jerry Lewis,
Abbot & Costello, Laurel & Hardy, Bob Hope, John Ritter, Bill Cosby and Sidney
Portier. By age 5, Troy was break-dancing, rapping, singing and playing instruments. His
intense love for the arts was evident to his parents but they didn’t know how to hone and
control it; so they never put limits on his gift. Because of this Troy Rawlings brings
timeless, no-limit entertainment right to your face!

Troy began his radio career in 2000 becoming a Radio Personality with Clear Channel in
the Baltimore market. A successful 2 year run on a breakout show helped Troy start his
own Entertainment Marketing and promotion company. He began producing comedy
shows and music concerts throughout the Baltimore / Washington DC area and up and
down the East Coast. “For years I realized there were thousands of talented people, but
very few platforms for them to get exposure. I wanted to change that.”
One of the biggest perks in doing weekly and monthly shows was that Troy learned what
comedic routines worked and how to do fresh improvisation with his audiences.

In 2004, Troy along with fellow book author YONDER, turned a book tour into an
interactive Sex, Love and relationship Forum called Talk Show. The Taboo Talk Tour
became a hit! In just 12 months they went from a 10 people audience in back of a book
store to 1000 people in a Ballroom for a 3 hour interactive comedy show and forum.
Followers began calling him “The Relationship Guru Of Comedy”
“Sometimes it’s hard to find your niche in comedy and performing. But nothing feels this
good to me. I love helping men and women communicate better in Love. This is my
mission, no matter what the medium.” declares Troy

Now it has all come full circle. Troy now resides in Los Angeles California and is the
father of a beautiful daughter named Zoe. He continues to tour doing comedy, forums and
speaking engagements around the globe and is a published Author of several books. In
2016 Troy launched his Radio morning show LIVE 5 days a week from Los Angeles.
“It’s like Ellen, meets Dr Ruth and Tom Joyner…with some Bugs Bunny…or
something” The Troy Rawlings Morning Show podcast can be found on the LA Radio Now Youtube Channel and other Platforms


Outside of his LIVE Show productions, Troy produced his first TV pilot for NBC called " The Troy Rawlings Show", and also became a producer on a Independent documentary movie called "Where Have All The Fathers Gone".


Troy is currently touring with his Taboo Talk Comedy Tour and The Love Show. 

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