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My husband hit me...

Dear Troy,

I am a wife that is very loyal and dedicated to her husband. I go to work and church and barely hang out with my friends. Our life was going well until he lost his job and now two incomes became one. It was hard but I was determined not to show any stress and to do the best I can to survive on my salary. Time has gone past and we are in 6 months of him not having another job and the pressure and weighing down on me. He gets very angry when I share with him job opportunities and I know that could come from him being prideful and a man that wants to do it on his own so I decided to keep the peace and not mention job openings anymore. One day I was doing laundry and he became upset because we got a letter stating that our house will be foreclosed on so he took his frustration out on me by backhanding me which knocked me into the dresser in our bedroom. Blood coming from my nose and my mouth I was so shocked that he hit me after he promised that he never hit me. What should I do? Should I call the police should I leave forgive him I am hurt and lost!!!! Sincerely,

Hurt and lost 


Dear Hurt & Lost,

Let me start by saying I'm sorry. I am sorry that anyone would attack you for any reason especially your husband. I don't have a politically correct, civilized, well-formulated answer for this. And I am not going to be long winded and funny in the way I tell you what I believe you should do. This is me, as the man I am and have been raised to be, talking.

DO YOU HAVE ANY CHILDREN IN THE HOUSE?  The only reason to coordinate a better way to move is because our children require us to provide the least stressful transition possible. If that is possible meaning you really feel like. . . scratch that, make arrangements for your kids to be with you. I noticed you said  I was so shocked that he hit me after he promised that he never hit me.

MAKE A REPORT Yes. Go to the Police station and make a report that this occurred. If you don't want a restraining order or for him to leave that's your choice. You need documentation that this crime occurred. YES. . . CRIME!!! I've talked to women and MEN who have suffered (domestic) VIOLENCE and they forget that Assault and Battery is a crime!!! This also gives you a physical legal account of the incident.


Hopefully you have a family member's house or close friend you can stay with until you are positive that this will never happen again or you are ready to get your own place.

That's it sis. See I don't believe there is a real conversation to have until YOU establish "YOU WILL NEVER HIT ME AGAIN". And the only way you establish that is not being around this person.

That's my advice on what you've given me so far H&L!

Feel free to connect again with details

Until Next Time,

One Love Troy

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