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He got Handsy

Dear Troy,

So here's a situation for you... Barber-guy has had his eye on this young lady who brings her son to get his haircut. Being kind, she gives a small token of appreciation to him from her son for Christmas for cutting his hair. He in turn tells her she's attractive. She asked how long has he been attracted to her. He says for a while. They casually converse off and on for a few weeks. He mentions he would have liked to come by to see her. She eventually let's him stop by and they have a good vibe. He gets touchy with expectations of something sexual, which she declines. She asks him to slow down and get to know her better.

He leaves. She texted him to make sure he got home safe. He is mad and never returns any of her texts for a whole week.

The next time her son gets his hair cut, the Barber behaves as if everything is cool.

She texts him to say thanks for the nice cut.

He never responds.  2 weeks go by and he finally text her...

"Hey sweetie, how are ?" To which she replied, "Who me? ... oh..u checking for tomorrow?  (son's haircut)" His does not respond... The next day he's not at the barbershop for her son's appointment.

She sends a text saying,

"Its sad that a woman that respects herself gets treated like that. Furthermore,  if your daughter was met with that same energy you wouldn't have it. You could have talked to me to like a grownup."

Was she wrong?? (I know she wasn't but, indulge me) Sincerely, Asking For A Friend

Dear AFF,

The only thing I see that your friend may have jumped the gun in doing was inviting him to her house. From what I read he never showed interest in getting to know her over coffee, tea, dinner, a walk in the park... he just wanted to go to her house. I would caution any woman that if a guy's first inclination towards spending time with you is to go somewhere private and personal like your house... then he probably wants to be intimate with you.

For your safety and not to give the wrong impression don't invite a man you don't know to your home.

That's what I tell my female friends and that's what I'd tell my daughter if she was dating. The good thing is that it didn't get violent and she knows he only wants sex.

That's the take away.

But send her a copy of my book "But, Naked Honest"... seriously.

I know it's hard sometimes with work, and kids, and schedules...and, and but even with all that allow a man to be a gentleman first. If you're not looking for a casual hook-up with someone, then make sure to keep your meetings and dates very public. You just never know where someone's mind is until something like that happens.

She was not wrong at all. And there are plenty of great barbers in the world for her son.

Sadly this guy was a jerk about it.

Until Next Time,


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