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But... Naked ebook

"In his first book, Troy Rawlings reveals himself as a true expert on the ups and downs of dating. A connoisseur of fabulous sex and equally great relationships, this guy got around! 
Troy is about keeping life real and fun at the same time. He explains why knowing who you are is vital to creating happy and healthy relationships… and why sending a fictionalized persona on what should have been your date… is a disastrous way to start a relationship.
Troy’s days as a stand-up comedian taught him the value of authenticity. The more honest he was with his audience, the more successful he became. When he finally decided to apply that honesty to dating… it transformed his entire life into what he always wanted it to be.
Troy provides the kind of true advice that instantly changes perception and sets you on a different and more confident course. I wish I had this book when I was dating… it would have saved me years of rather questionable relationships and a flat-liner first marriage!
Read this short witty book, laugh your way through it from the first page to the last, and put Troy’s sophisticated insights and practical recommendations to work immediately. 
Life is just too short to waste any precious time and miss out on having the life partner and sexual relationship(s) you’ve always wanted!"

Ande Lyons,

Chief Passion Curator, Bring Back Desire

But Naked Honest
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only $14.99
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100 Words in 30 Nights

"If I said I remembered the first time I heard or wrote a poem I’d be lying. But I do remember the first time I realized my poem touched a girl who I liked. It was in elementary school and I was trying to get a smile. After she read the poem, which was about 4 lines I spent all night going over in nervous excitement about her response, the look in her eyes…was the greatest thing ever. It was so much more exhilarating than just a smile. The written word went through here eye gate into her mind. There in her mind it exploded into euphoric sensory expressions that only she could interpret it as, and then traveled down to her heart, to beat out in her every pulse. Yep, it was like that and her eyes said it all. Immediately I was hooked on the written word. Not just because of how it made me feel to read great stories and verses, but because of what I now knew it did to others.
So my friends, while I love the spoken words of awesome poets around the globe. I will forever be intimately connected to my first true love; which flows out of my heart and through my fingers to pencils, pens and keyboards. The written word allows you to travel in the voice your mind creates, in the characters you want to interact with. Until the next time, enjoy the journey.
God Bless, One Love"

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